World Water Day 2017

Global Future would like to show its support for the World Water Day

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Scenarios and foresight course

June 30, 2016

Global Future is convening a capacity building event in foresight and scenario building for professionals in the private/public sectors, international organisations and NGOs.

Organisations, companies and institutions in Geneva are engaged daily in activities and decisions that have long-term importance; understanding the tools to take a forward-looking and futures-oriented perspective is important institutionally and socially.

Register now – from among the first 20 registrants we will randomly select one person to attend for free!



On May 24, Global Future has convened SDGs - The Future

Our first event as Global Future was well attended and has generated sustained interest. If you attended, you will recall the lively debate. If you were unable to join us this time, make sure you find space in your calendar for our next events.

Our meeting report is now ready for you to download. Please feel free to circulate, come back to us with thoughts or comments. We will be particularly interested to know how the ideas from the event might be useful to your work.


SDGs – The Future

May 24, 2016, 13.00-14.15

Genève, Switzerland
Maddalena Campioni and Patrick Noack have recently launched Global Future.

Global Future is a non-profit Geneva-based NGO. Global Future promotes futures-oriented dialogue and scenarios on critical and urgent topics with a view to transforming structures, systems, decisions and policies for a better and sustainable future.

The Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 have been adopted by all countries; yet what the world will look like in 2030 is fundamentally uncertain. How to achieve the SDGs and implement Agenda 2030 is also uncertain. We need to transform our aptitude towards a future-oriented perspective to master this uncertainty.

 Despite this asymmetry of certainty there is an urgent need to understand the best ways to implement Agenda 2030. Is information of the past and present suitable to to shape policy and programmes for the future? What will determine the future and our success? What do we need to know? What are the long- and short-term challenges?

 The event SDGs – The Future is being convened to begin a dialogue about what is needed today to shape a future that meets Agenda 2030. Speakers will reflect on how they see the world change and what this means for the SDGs; what are the critical trends they observe and what may be the most important assumptions of the future we may have to revisit.

 The session will be moderated by Global Future and the format will be innovative and interactive, offering ample opportunity for constructive and engaging dialogue. A short report will be distributed to all attendees a few days following the event.Speakers will include:

Mr Nicholas Davis

Dr Francesca Celletti

Dr Gabriel Pictet

Prof Henry Markram